In our continuing tour of Marc Jones’s 16 points, next is  the health and the person. Saturn is the planet of health because it is the point of sensitivity while the sixth house is important because it is traditional the house of health and the welfare of the native. Together, these two points show if the physical weakness is psychosomatic in origin   — Saturn is sensitive to criticism and easily embarrassed — or whether there is a true hazard to them.

saturn and tr
Here we see that Saturn in the 7th house is sextile Mercury in the 9th.

President Theodore’s health matrix

For Teddy, Saturn is in the sign of the Sun, a term I have assigned assurance (Leo), in the house of opportunity (seventh)  in the degree of {keyword] “reflection.”   It has no aspect to the  sixth house where the Moon resides, and I do not use minor aspects as my points.  I think that they are optional creatures, that add nuance and flavour, but do not determine the overall character of the person under review. 

The essential ruler of the sixth house is Mercury (keyword mentality) and Saturn (keyword sensitivity) is in a favourable aspect to it, suggesting that his childhood ills would be minimized by travel away from the congestion and pollution of New York City. Indeed Teddy went west in 1883, drawn to the Dakota Territory about the systematic hunting of the buffalo herd in the northern plains.

The symbol  of Leo 12 where Saturn occurs,   reads: “A garden party, with lanterns, music from a string ensemble and an animated interweaving of colorful figures,” showing the easy intercourse of human souls when they are content to relax between moments of greater effort. The sun is hyleg in this chart, and despite a bad start, the older he became, the more virile he became as riding horseback (ruled by the Ninth House Sagittarius) strengthened him, and helped him obtain the physical health he desired.

Janus 5.0 on Saturn’s aspects

SATURN 11 Leo 39

Saturn in Leo
You have a strong desire for recognition and prominence in life, coupled with the urge to gain positions of power and leadership. You need to feel respected by other people. There can be a lack of self-confidence, inhibited self-expression and difficulties asserting your authority.

Saturn in 7th House
You view relationships seriously and realistically. Marriage or significant partnerships tend to be stable and enduring; however there can be emotional coolness between partners leading to feelings of loneliness and separation. You may be attracted to others of a wide age difference to you. Possibly, a partner may be obstructive, critical and uncooperative. Opponents or enemies can be persistent and relentless; and legal difficulties may be experienced.

Saturn Square Sun 7 40′ A
You have a serious and realistic outlook on life based on hard experience and obstacles on your path. While you encounter many difficulties in life, and your share of challenges and defeats. In spite of these troubles, your great powers of perseverance, enduring energy give you the ability to achieve positions of authority. You know how to shoulder responsibility and take charge of situations. Physically, you experience periodic weariness, coupled with occasional bouts of low vitality or delicate health and should rest then. You may have a testing relationship with your father or dominant males.

Saturn Trine Venus 6 22′ S
Stability and reliability in love are important to you. You are practical and realistic about love for once another has gained your trust you remain loyal and faithful in your affections. You are attracted to people older than yourself and respect their life experience and maturity.

Saturn Square Pluto 5 01′ S
Everything you achieve in life is the result of sheer determination and effort — nothing of lasting value comes to you without hard work and sacrifice. You have great powers of endurance and perseverance, coupled with a tenacious attitude and the self-discipline to see things through to their successful conclusion. You have the power to perform at the highest level, but only after you have served an appropriate apprenticeship. In summary, work hard and prosper, accept disappointments with dignity, not bitterness, and remember that difficult times don’t last forever. Separations, and great losses can be experienced at certain junctures in life.

We continually review our essays striving for accuracy and clarity. This one was revised on 3 September 2019.