Marc Jones – Point 3, The Sun

N o . 3

The next department of interpretation covers two points, the will and the power to do things. How far can he carry out what out his wishes and desires and the sun represents that — it the will.

In Teddy Roosevelt’s chart we find the sun in the ninth house, where Scorpio lies and in the fourth degree that symbolizes the radiation of light. The symbolical degree (Scorpio 4) reads: “In an old fashioned ‘candle lighting service’ where the youth gains a sense of other world. for the very first time.”

Marc Jones, astrologer

This is symbol is the privilege of each soul to carry his illumination to others. Scorpio is the sign of “creative ability,” and also rather secretive. For TF with his Sun there in the ninth house associated with the higher mind tells us that Roosevelt’s will gets its strength from his capacity to carry a torch, and kindle the light of creative understanding.

Viewing his life, T.R. had the magnificent ability to stand in the limelight and to pass his enthusiasm on. He was a beloved president but there were many people who did not like the “trust-busting,” of his Bull Moose Party,  but he transmitted the flame — the power of the Will — from his mental resources to Scorpio’s creative torch, and made it so.



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