Charles John Mahoney was born on June 20, 1940, in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, one of eight children to Reg Mahoney, a Manchester baker, and the former Margaret Watson. The family had been evacuated to Lancashire when Manchester became a bombing target in World War II. 

After the war, John traveled to the United States to visit an older sister, Rita, who had married an American and lived in Illinois. He decided he wanted to make his life there when he grew up. In his late teens, he returned and earned his United States citizenship by serving in the Army.

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Mr. Mahoney on the “Frasier” set. His character’s battered recliner was a frequent point of contention with Kelsey Grammer’s character. Credit Reed Saxon/Associated Press

Mr. Mahoney never married. He told one interviewer that his love of theater was his family substitute,. Mahoney is godfather to both actresses from Fraser, children. HIs sister, Rita Sullivan, survives him.

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Mr. Mahoney was never fond of being interviewed. “I would rather walk across broken glass,” he told a reporter for The Chicago Tribune in 1996.He was not crazy about Hollywood, either, and spent as much time as possible in Chicago, his adopted hometown, which he praised for its combination of culture and Midwestern friendliness.john mahoneymartin crane and john mahoney

“I can walk to all sorts of good places,” he said, describing the restaurant scene in his longtime Oak Park neighborhood, “where the waiters and waitresses don’t want me to read their screenplays.”  He died Sunday February 4, 2018.  He was 77.

Mahoney was a bucket with a lucrative Moon handle in the second house trine a large preponderance in the sixth of hard work. His first and seventh houses are intercepted showing how he managed to keep his private life low key and obscure, while his eighth house has several planets showing how his theatre work brought lots of other people’s money into his Moon’s coffers. An interesting point is his Neptune in Virgo in the tenth showing how his unattached person gave him a distinct character as shown in his “Moonstruck” and “Barton Fink” not to mention the many years of Fraser where he was unattached.

The chart is unrectified.

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