Our header image is of Nick and his wife Tori (Moore) Foles.  They are a tall couple:  he is 6’6″ and she is 5’10”.  They have a daughter, Lily James Foles, born June 2017.

                               Composite Nick and Tom

This first chart is Foles and Brady composite chart, that connects the midpoint of two people to get a better understanding of how they interrelate.  In a composite chart there is core identity that signifies its “purpose” (the Sun at 08 Taurus) and  emotional responses and needs (the Moon at 27 Scorpio) which are here found in an oppositional pair making Tom and Nick very aware of each other’s moves and motives.

Their mode of communication (Mercury 25 Taurus which is Nick’s Ascendant) works with their ideals (Venus 26 Taurus), that is in this venue is that both of them want to capture the Superbowl.   How they will express that is via Mars (17 Taurus).

Both are offensive players which by nature is about expanding (Jupiter at 10 Sagittarius) territory & both play against the other teams defence (Saturn at 01 Scorpio).  The key then is to look at this chart and Brady’s and Foles’ chart to see who handles that better.  I cannot give a reading on that as I am biased.

foles and brady composite

                                                   Just Nick

This second is Nick Foles rectified chart for an Ascendant of 25 Taurus that has the symbol of a “vast public park” and the keyword of “collective enjoyment”.  In this degree, the individual finds himself part of the joy of belonging to a peaceful whole greater than himself, rather nice imagery for a ballplayer.

He  has a Fixed Cosmic Cross from the First to the Seventh and the point focus is to his Tenth House where the organizing force of Capricorn marshalls his midheaven.  But that is not part of the cosmic cross, that spot goes to Mercury in Aquarius  in the same tenth house but different sign, & since it is close his Sun, makes his mental chemistry willfully united upon the same goal.  That works well for him, as the fixed signs are the ones that order the cardinal group, reaching out ahead of them and probing for possibilities and with Mercury being the leader here, Foles has a strong tendency towards organizing patterns into a greater whole,  even to the extent if they are abstract or remote possibilities.

His Moon at Cancer 07 does not make a Grand Cross because it is out of quadrature but does awaken his “magical imagination” as part of his receptive intelligence.

nicholas foles


                     GO EAGLES


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