The header image is of Tom and Gisele Brady with their two children Vivian (age 5) and Benjamin (age 8) holidaying in Costa Rica in 2015.  Mr. Brady has another son John Moynahan (age 11), out of wedlock, with Blue Bloods actress (Kathryn) Bridget Moynahan.

You can download Tom’s chart here:   tom brady qb

Tom Brady has been rectified for an 18 Libra, the symbol of “Two men under House Arrest” , asymbol that suggests the importance of order in work and society.  They keyword is OCEANIC FEELING, or the ability to be attuned to the basic rhythms of
time and space.

tom brady sr

Brady’s temperament type is a bucket with a Moon Handle in the Sixth house of work and labour.  His Neptune in the Second House of Resources and Sagittarius obviously highlights his great right hand that throws unerringly to his linemen.  Oppposite his Mars in Gemini in the Eighth House it highlights his terrific hand eye coordination.

His Saturn (Leo 20)  and Sun (Leo 12) are conjunct in the Tenth house of career, showing how he was destined to be captain of whatever field he chose to work within and Mercury in Virgo’s Eleventh House, tells us that his image matters to him as much as it does to his fans.  Brady has said that he will retire  after going twice more to the Superbowl.  He is currently 41.

Brady’s chart progressed to today’s Superbowl in Minneapolis is below.

superbowl tom

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