The header shot is of Princess Diana and her two sons, William and Henry.  Below are her wedding shoes and her and Prince Charles on her wedding day, July 29, 1981.  She was twenty years old.

She was born on July 1st, 1961 at 7:45 GMT at Sandringham Castle.  Her Ascendant at 18 Sagittarius is  a common fire sign ruled by Jupiter, making her a frank, friendly woman who wins friends easily and rather androgynous in appearance. The description of “hail fellow well met” describes the archetypal Sagittarian.


                                  Like mother like daughter

Her North Node conjunct Regulus at Leo 28┬╣ suggesting that she had a noble bearing throughout her life.  Her Sun and Mercury are nearly conjunct in Cancer giving her warm personable appeal that really shone when she was with her sons but it is inconjunct her Moon in Aquarius with another sextile to her Ascendant.  This is her first yod and the more personal of the two creating an apex at the Seventh – Eighth house cusp that is obviously her marriage to Prince Charles and her liaison with Dodi Fayed.

This yod poses problems for Diana though. On one hand she was a woman of immense privilege and wealth with servants all around her waiting to be called. On the other, there are many stories of Diana refusing nannies for her boys and wanting to do the domestic chores of a regular Mum, but being a royal consort with outside responsibilities made that difficult.   As Jupiter, her Sun’s ruler, is conjunct Saturn in the first house and at  one of the feet of her yod, Diana felt oppressed by her older husband & the constant pressure of paparazzi so that she was unable to cut loose and have fun.

Frances Shand-Kydd

This aspect hints at the karmic problems between her own mother and father, Frances and John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer’s marriage that fell into the same trap. Unhappy after having five children (Diana, Charles, Sarah, Jane and John), Born Frances Ruth Burke Roche the same day that King George V died, January 20th, 1936, (see her chart below)  left her husband for  Peter Shand Kydd, the heir to a British wallpaper fortune in 1967.  Diana, her eldest,  was six years old.

frances shand kydd.png

The Kydds were married in 1969, but Frances did not receive custody of her children because she had abandoned them. This made the relationship between mother & daughter frosty, though as Diana matured, the two women got closer.

                                         The people’s Princess

Princess Diana has another yod  from her  Neptune in Tenth to her Saturn in the First creating an apex this time an apex in the Sixth House of work and labour.  Indeed Diana was the first royal bride to have been employed before her engagement at the Young England School as a kindergarten teacher — perfect for her Aquarian Moon trine her Cancerian Sun; her daughter in law, Catherine Middleton, was the first with a university degree. This second yod though creates the image of a “people’s princess”  — an approachable and down to earth person within the British Royalty that was publicly accessibly  (Eleventh House and her Ascendant) and people all over the globe responded with adoration.

Diana and her Mum

Princess Diana’s temperament type is similar to another woman who married a wealthy, older prestigious man, Melania Trump, a See-Saw that becomes a Fan Handle┬▓ because it has a Grand Trine with a Kite configuration..  It is that Kite that was what made Diana so charismatic and memorable as it is created out of her Fixed Grand Cross, another aspect that adds depth, and sorrow to her chart.

The Diana Dodi memorial at Harrods erected by his father.

Princess Diana died in an automobile accident fleeing from paparazzi in a tunnel Paris, France  on 31 August 1997 with her companion Dodi Fayed; she was 36.


  1. Regulus at 29 Leo (Diana’s North Node)  is sextile her Mercury in the sixth depicting how much her working life was being a spokeswoman for the Royal Family. It creates a yod at 29 Capricorn that is reinforced by being the same apex between her and her mothers chart.
  2. The Hyperion symbol is of “clouds above a mountain top, ” and was indicative of Diana’s legacy as she showed the world her belief in the mystical meeting of heaven (royalty) and their higher purpose on earth.   Alas as it is also a critical degree, as E. C. Matthews notes that it gives a melancholic note to the native’s life.
  3. Marc Jones discusses the fanhandle obliquely in his texts, it was Robert Jansky in his book, Planetary Patterns, that delineated it as a recognizable pattern and we have adopted it. Jansky btw, was not an Assembly member but wrote his books with such input.
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