This eclipse on February 15th, ends the six month run of the Big American Eclipse on August 21st.   It is a rimless bowl, as it is too wide for a bundle — that span should not exceed 130º  from Uranus at 26 Aries to Scorpio 23.  It is rimless because there is no opposition at the edges.

from Knack Astrology by Molly Hall c. 2010


This rimless bowl works like a bucket (but it isn’t)  because it has an Uranian singleton in the Western Quadrant.  Instead, that singleton works as a proxy for the country and President at large, and showing that the next period will be dominated by concerns about a person (or persons) who are important to leading the country.  Is this the President or someone around him? Or some important member of Congress?  Hard to say, but since he is being portrayed as Uranian we know they being galvanic in their actions — revolutionary in their ideas, but it could also mean someone who using the media for their own personal agenda.  Is that the same person?  Or are we looking at two different people?

In one’s own life, we may see this eclipse manifest in our lives as people become more confident and assured but not cocky and aggressive.  But because there is no rim to keep Uranus in check, others maybe startled and caught unawares by this exuberance and wonder what happened.  Perhaps it is just spring in the air.

Labor issues will be on deck and rumours rampant.  Opportunities may spring up, but not always where wanted and so some flexibility maybe called for.  It seems that the eclipse will herald a light-hearted spring.

You can download the eclipse chart eclipse 2-15-2018

solar 2018.png

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