Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of President Jack Kennedy and his wife Jackie, (both now deceased) is thinking of throwing her hat into the Presidential Ring according to the New York Post. That made us think about looking at her chart.caroline kennedy.png

Something about Caroline

Caroline Kennedy was 3 years old when she and her brother John-John  moved into the White House with their parents.  After her father’s assassination, she and her brother were raised in Manhattan by their mother, who married Aristotle Onassis on his  private island of Skorpios on October 20, 1968 which they attended  holding the candles that were traditionally held by Greek pages during a marriage. It poured heavily that day but that did not discourage the paparazzi, though many of the pictures were blurred.  Mrs. Onassis died May 20, 1994; and her brother John July 1999.

Ms. Kennedy graduated graduated from Radcliffe College and then Columbia Law School. In 1986 she married Edwin Schlossberg they have three children, Rose,  Tatiana Celia  and John.   She has written  books about civil liberties, and a series of literary anthologies. In 2008 she endorsed Barack Obama  for president and joined him on the campaign trail. She has never held public office, although in late 2008 she announced her interest in the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton, but reasons never publicly disclosed, she withdrew her name and Kirsten Rutnik Gillibrand, got the seat instead.  Read the story over here at New York Magazine.

The Schlossberg three.

President Obama later appointed Ms. Kennedy to the Ambassadorship of Japan.  Her son John majored in  Japanese History at Yale University in New Haven, CT  after living there for three years with her.

                                                                       The bowl of Caroline

Caroline is a Bowl Temperament Type with an Eastern or resourceful bias with a Uranus and Moon rim. Another famous woman in the Presidential family who has a similar makeup is Eleanor Roosevelt, while Abraham Lincoln, an actual President, does not have rim. Rimmed bowls, like Caroline’s have an actual border that holds all the points of her chart in place. For her this rim has a FIXED bias and so she tends to hold onto her own inner self through the many buttresses of life, because so much else is transient.


Caroline travelling the Japanese countryside as US Ambassador.

Marc Jones felt that rimmed bowls were indicative of Progressive political temperaments (also called Liberal) because their tendency to attach themselves to causes. Ms. Kennedy’s bowl has midpoint in her open area at her Part of Ancestry, showing for her this obligation is part of her identify – it is opposite her Ascendant at 20.16 Sagittarius and conjunct Pallas, mental expression, at 14.47 Gemini. She also has a stellium of planets in Sagittarius, the sign of legislature and government, in her Twelfth House showing that she is comfortable in that arena.

caroline's stellium.png

If the inspiration of Neil Diamond’s song  Sweet Caroline, makes it to the Oval Office, we think at most as a Veep, but politics makes strange bed fellows so you never can tell. Download  Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s chart here.

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