The 1621 Laurentia Asteroid was named for an amateur French chemist, Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent by its discovered Paul and Prosper Henri on 21 April 1876. Laurentia is also the botanical name of the Virginia blue creeper ; they are not related.

Laurentian trench
The half of Ireland that lies north of the seam was originally joined with Scotland, Greenland and North America in the ancient continent of Laurentia of which the mountain range is left in Quebec.

And finally there is  the Laurentian Mountain Range in Canada; no relation there either. I have only been in summer; winter is bitter cold.  I couldn’t find any image of him.

1621 laurentia.png

So that is what we know about him, but when this asteroid is one degree away from one of the 12 points of a chart, what does it say? Well from viewing several charts where Laurentia appears and then learning from the discovery of Laurentia about the asteroid, we have come to the decision that it means “setbacks through ill health.”   It is a slow moving asteroid, so the key is whether you have a strong aspect to it or not.

Asteroid 1621 Download Chart


  1. The first chart that shows this is the Marshall Pickney Wilder chart, where Asteroid 1621 Laurentia is conjunct Mars, highlighting his bad heart.
    1. We will highlight others, typically with the 1621 Tag, as we go along, though hopefully on this page also.