Today it’s the Tenth of November and the Rime and Reason trails at Killington are OPEN. The air temperature is around 32 Fahrenheit, just at freezing and the snow base is a decent twelve inches. There is no fresh snow but Saturn in the Eleventh at  Sagittarius is promising that it is coming our way.  That’s good news, so are you waxed and ready? If not, take this as notice…tickets are on sale here.

We are looking at a Bucket configuration with the Moon as the handle planet totally opposing our ascendant at 30 Capricorn — basically reeling in our desires and forcing us into straight jackets of corporate composure as the sixth house of work & service demands attention — hey we do have to get paid.   Still, our feelings are on fire with the Moon just entering Leo but its release is just steam.  Try to stay cool.

Work is going at a snail pace as the insufferable blow hard drones on, over at the cubicle next door and you wonder when does the whistle blow?  Time seems to be going on at a snail’s pace, and work comes in at  overload.  The map not having a rim opposition to hold it together and give it form or focus, makes base camp look remote.

In the meantime, Mars is in the Eighth house trying to take initiating steps at rebirth, but the Blowhard, he seems to follow us around, is already ruining that, and steam eventuates.  Nothing is going as planned.  The Sabian Dice came up today on the fifth house cusp of play at Gemini 22 degrees with the symbol of A barn dance. The keyword is Gregariousness  —  a wonderful release for all that built up tension as we start Coming Down the Mountain.

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