The Daily in Charleston SC 11-05-17

Today is the end of Summer time. It’s unofficially winter and the days will darken from here on until the solstice next month.  Our header picture is from Charleston where it is a glorious 80 degrees Fahrenheit with nary a cloud in the sky.  Next week though, the temps start dropping, so enjoy it while you you can.

Our astrological wheel  set for Saturday November 4, 2017 and produced by Solar Fire; included also in this report, is consideration of the full moon in Taurus for this month.

Also on hand was the inauguration chart, to see what is happening with the Trump Team in Asia  and their meeting with Ricochet Rabbit aka Xi JingPing  now the most powerful man in China,  after outmaneuvering the Donald on Chinese trade, though with a little help from his “crazy as a fox ” neighbor Kim Jung-un’s nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Our astrological configuration is a driving locomotive temperament type with ten planets rather evenly distributed through 2/3rds of the map.  The key is that the two boundary planets, Mars and the Moon form a trine.  Of second importance, is that  another trine is created by the Moon to some other planet (in this case that other is the planet Pluto that is located right on the the First House boundary).  That third and final trine, gives us a Grand Trine and also makes the circle complete, because it trines  back to the inaugural spot.

Mars is in the Ninth House of Travel that is also the Top Cut of the locomotive scissors-action. This cut opens a space in the map, and the Moon on the Fifth House Cusp, closes the scissors action.  The Top Cut is always the Accent (or as Marc Jones called is the High Focus) of the Chart, and here depicts how the serf America travels to their Overlord to pay tribute particularly as Mars at 09 Libra + the Moon at 19 Taurus, have the symbols of Love and Genuflection.¹

In the meantime, there is heavy planetary emphasis (seven planets plus two asteroids — Vesta and Juno) on the Eastern side of the chart, beseeching us to be more resourceful because reverting to colonial status is not a good place for us to be.  Once again,  we hear again the siren call to overcome our shortcomings and initiate some innovative methods  for putting us to work  by building tangible assets (Uranus at 26 Aries in the Fourth House ).

This though is offset by the empty trine in the West (can you believe?) showing the need to be objective (six planets above the horizon) and happily buckle down (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury). This admonition is true not only for the Country, and Congress, but us as well because the country’s chart is also a guiding light for our own.

The constellation of Orion.

The Dice, yes they are back,  showed up at Gemini 17 degrees (a semi-sextile away from the Moon) in the  bootstrapping Fifth House. Marc Jones gave this house the term of  Maturation, a word that denotes growing up and moving on and out — from old habits and things keeping you back like excuses, but we like the concrete noun Bootstrapping a tad better.

The symbol for our die is Impotence, and it is conjunct the fixed star of Rigel the name of Orion’s left foot.  While the star itself denotes a fortunate aspect,and imparts great technical & engineering abilities, it also, alas,  imports a rather idealistic and impractical mindset

Our song today is from Dean Martin, again, because his Sun is at 16 degrees 51 minutes of Gemini.  So is Walter Winchell’s — there must be a connection I’m missing somewhere in there.

Everybody loves somebody

Joel Anthony

………….next stop Vermont and the Green Mountain Boys.

charleston 11-4-2017.pdf

The Green Mountain Boys were patriot militia in the American Revolution that began in 1770 at present-day Bennington, Vermont, as an unauthorized militia organized to defend the property rights of local residents who had received land grants from New Hampshire.

New York, which then claimed present-day Vermont, as part of its territory, disputed New Hampshire’s right to grant land west of the Green Mountains. The Green Mountain Boys stopped sheriffs from enforcing New York laws and terrorized  settlers who had New York grants, by burning buildings, stealing cattle, and flogging travelers with birch rods all part of their terroristic actions to deter people from their land.   Led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen, they were immortalized in legend and  song.  


1.  From E. C. Matthews book, Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed c. 1949

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