Sunday October 22, 2017 Venus parallel Eris 00:34AM EDT, Mercury opposes Pallas 1:21AM EDT, Saturn parallel Pallas 3PM EDT, Mercury square Ceres 11:52PM EDT

Monday October 23, 2017 Sun parallel Jupiter 1:15AM EDT, Venus square Kronos 8:32AM EDT, Mars trine Admetos 9:28AM EDT, Venus square Juno 11:51AM EDT, sun quincunx Admetos 1:26PM EDT, Mars enters tropical Libra 3:58PM EDT, Venus quincunx Neptune 4:11PM EDT, sun enters tropical Scorpio 5:36PM EDT

Tuesday October 24, 2017 Venus square Astraea 3:45AM EDT, Mercury trine Kronos 5:58AM EDT, Neptune sextile Juno 6:41AM EDT, Mercury sextile Juno 1:06PM EDT, sun conjunct Apollon 5:02PM EDT and parallel Apollon 5:39PM EDT, Mercury conjunct Poseidon 11:27PM EDT

the jfk files
the jfk files

Wednesday October 25, 2017 Mercury sextile Astraea 00:56AM EDT, sun sextile Transpluto 4:10AM EDT, Venus square Hygeia 6:27AM EDT, Mercury sextile Hygeia 9:39PM EDT

Thursday October 26, 2017 sun conjunct Jupiter 2:09PM EDT

Friday October 27, 2017 Chiron enters sidereal Aquarius 7:24AM EDT, Venus square Pluto 11:20PM EDT, Mercury sextile Pluto 11:24PM EDT

Saturday October 28, 2017 sun opposes Pallas 7:37PM EDT

Sunday October 29, 2017 Venus conjunct Zeus 1:21PM EDT

Astrological Notes:

As the JFK Files are coming out on Thursday, we land in Washington, DC for the unmasking. Jupiter is now direct in the Twelfth House suggesting a lot of ebullience in unearthing large government secrets. The Ascendant, we picked is 8 am,  as that is when the government opens for business, it happens to fall like the Sun also in Scorpio and tells us that all the various myths, legends and suspicions are at stake.  Anyone remember Oliver Stone’s JFK movie? With the Sun in the Twelfth opposing the wild card Uranus,  in the Sixth House, there is no doubt that this revelation will be upsetting to the nation’s mental health in ways that the Garrison trial ¹ only dreamed.

Uranus @27 Aries is considered by E. C. Matthews and Dr. Gordon a “fateful degree” because of untoward speculations, hints of murder and cabals.  Those thoughts are intensified by being in the Sixth House itself, as that house is not particularly lucky because it can never make any fortunate aspects to the Ascendant — so Uranus located therein is definitely a double whammy for the country.  We believe that great stress will be upon the nation’s citizens after the unmasking and so suggest that in the following days being extra careful with all transportation methods  — including walking, horseback riding, cars, public transit — as Elvis (Costello) sung “Accidents will happen.”

The only square that comes out of that opposition is at the Midheaven that is in LEO 16, close to President Trump’s Ascendant of Leo 20 – showing everyone that he has more cards up his sleeve than most imagine and he is willing to use them in startling ways. This conjunction also tells us that he has a lot of perseverance in his methods – he is like a lion stalking and waiting for the right moment.  The aspects hints that DJT enjoys the fray, the back and forth volleying, and the argument of whether or not they should be released, what they may say and ultimately what they hint; we do not think that he is alone here and that only adds to the froth of Jupiterian exuberance.

A lot of politicos made careers out of the lone gunmen controversy, most are dead or out of office like the former Senator of Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, Texas Governor John Connolly, the whole Bush clan (George W was head of the CIA and junior, later also a President, was an analyst there), the Dulles Brothers, President Gerald Ford, Vice President & succeeding President Lyndon Baines Johnson of Texas, the whole Kennedy group and of course the Scotus jurist Earl Warren for whom the famous commission is named. This T-Cross is always a dynamic configuration pointing to unknown but catalytic influence on the nation while the X Cross a diffusive & confusing aspect — the former appears with Jupiter to Uranus and the point focus at the Midheaven of 16 Leo that gets the uncanny symbol of “literary opportunity” and “exploitation.”

The next set of major aspects on the chart are the Moon and Pluto residing exactly in the same spot  in the Second House.  This combination suggests that this unveiling is a karmic repayment of some type and while  Pluto says what is done is done, it is in the house of Capricorn, so works like the Grim Reaper, cutting away the chaff and exposing the hearty germ.  Named for the Roman god of hell (the Greek god was Hades), Pluto shows that the Cosmic Will is at work, an idea affirmed by its sextile to Neptune, the planet of obligation and duty.  In this scenario, Pluto sextile Neptune, we see the great need for spiritual cleansing:  the rumors, the controversies have been  mind numbing and  only careful examination of the facts can make US whole again.

Sydney Omarr felt that Pluto was the rejuvenating planet of the galaxy while Eileen McCaffery said it was a “transformative force.” Marc Jones put his two cents in and said that it was the “great search for Truth” and termed it “probity.”  No matter with whom you agree, Pluto & the ever varying face of intuitive Moon, tells us that inwardly this will affect us and how we face our nation.

Download the chart for week and the JFK  files

Cheerio —



Jim Garrison, born James Carruthers Garrison on November 20, 1921 in Denison, Iowa asserted that Lee Harvey Oswald, whom the Warren Commission identified as the lone assassin in the President’s 1963 death, was not the killer and had “never fired a shot.”Announcing that he had “solved the assassination,” Mr. Garrison accused anti-Communist and anti-Castro extremists in the Central Intelligence Agency of plotting the President’s death to thwart an easing of tension with the Soviet Union and Cuba, and to prevent a retreat from Vietnam.

In 1969 he prosecuted Clay Shaw, a New Orleans businessman, as a conspirator. But the 34-day trial was widely described as a circus, and the jury acquitted Mr. Shaw after deliberating less than an hour.

Many public officials and assassination experts dismissed Mr. Garrison’s theories as bizarre, irresponsible and an effort to get publicity. But interest in his accusations continued among assassination buffs as doubts grew about the accuracy and completeness of the official findings.

Then Oliver Stone took up his cause with “J.F.K.”  The movie, based largely on Mr. Garrison’s views, portrays him as a hero fighting an evil establishment made of the Government, the CIA, the military, the mob, politicians and spies. Kevin Costner played the District Attorney.  It was shown in two parts and was about 6 hours long.


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