Friday the 13th in Taos

Taos, New Mexico.  The weather is bright and sunny, far different than cloudy and windy Buffalo, so I am glad for this trip to the southwest. I have been busy, but still throwing die daily, and those intervening, though unposted,  symbols have reinforced a distinctly personal emphasis:  like the effects of an autumn flu activated during an extended warm spell or feeling alone and bereft in waters of the Great Lake.

Back in the saddle at Taos, our chart is set for Friday October 13, 201, aka Friday the Thirteenth.  Pluto is the point focus for two oppositions putting critical activity in the First House from an opposition in the Tenth where the Sun and Mercury are currently found to Uranus steadily disrupting the home scene in the Fourth.  I did not expect so much down time, but you never know how long those interruptions will be when both Uranus and Pluto are in the T square configuration:  they tend to disrupt all plans…. Capricorn be damned.

Mundane wise the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal erupted when Jupiter went direct in sexy Scorpio & then again when The Apprentice lawsuit of  would be contestant Summer Zervos returned to the news with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, the “ambulance chaser of feminism” taking full advantage of the present scintillations of such interest.

Besides the sexual harrassment suit against the president Ms. Zervos has another suit against him for defamation.  “On November 11, 2016 I called on Mr Trump to retract his statements about me calling me a liar. I also called upon him to state that what I said about his behaviour towards me was true.  ” 

10 13 taos.png

The Second House finds its Moon square Jupiter ingressing Scorpio highlighting fun and entertainment and with the Sun, that most manly of planets in its native Fifth House, we see men using their authority in some nefarious ways, while the newspapers are scared to upset their liege lord — Amazon of course is a major advertiser in all media outlets not to mention that Bezos personally owned the Washington Post that has been incredibly silent.   (WaPo has not issue a word on either Amazon sex case:   the Ray Price of Amazon & Isla Dick Hackett or the Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan case in London both instances where CEO Jeff Bezos was immediately told and pooh-poohed the women’s complaints).

Our Sabian symbol for today is Aries 28 degrees, “A large disappointed audience.” It is conjunct Uranus in the Eleventh House of publicity and the public accenting the opposition between it and the Sun.  Uranus is in its natural ruler of Aquarius here, and so electronic news and media are highlighted, unfavourably as well.

The Symbol remarks on that and Diana Roche’  in her The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy,[1] she writes,  “This is one of the images that Jones describes as apropos of ‘reversed symbolism’ or carrying a negative connotation.  He states that there is a  danger of the individual becoming disillusioned from ‘the momentary mood of the masses lacking any proper guide for the values he should pursue,” and with Neptune in the Ninth House of journalism and social mores, sextile that pair, we are finding more and more that the Fourth Estate is not performing  the due diligence we have come to expect and we the people, are woefully behind the times.

The Sunday Papers (Joe Jackson)

Joel Anthony

[1] Roche, Diana M. 1998, The Sabian Symbols:  A screen of prophecy, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC. Page 59-60

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