Our symbol for Tuesday September 26, 2017 is Aquarius 01 degree or an old
adobe mission. Today though we are set in Oxford, a bit north of the capitol and home to Ole Miss University.

A cardinal T-Square is occurring in the Locomotive pattern and we find leadership being thrust upon us, perhaps an uncomfortable place for some. Pluto at 17 Capricorn is our point focus pointing out that whether or not we were affected by the hurricanes and earthquakes, they remain something nationally we are responsible for just like the missions in California were a sustaining outreach to all who lived there.

Our Grand Trine Kite pattern (Saturn in the Eleventh to Mercury/Mars in the Eighth with the hitch for the kite at Jupiter in the Ninth resolving at Uranus in the First) is a positive aspect in this chart, but the “other” T-Square at Jupiter to Uranus resolved at the Ascendant suggests that there some amount of kickback occurring within the population as a whole and a question of exactly whose responsibility is this — is it the Federal governments, the States or the Insurance Company’s? Alas, that question is not easily answered and hence our Wedge Aspect pattern arises the hanging half of the Mystic Rectangle.

Made from Mutable planets, our Wedge tells us that this a groundswell of public opinion and with  two of the three generational planets (Pluto and Neptune) within, its  undercurrent is as strong as adobe brick, and so not easily denied.

Next stop…….Vicksville.

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