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Pijjijapan is quite the tourist spot because of its proximity to tropical Guatemala to the south and the Sierra Nevadas to its north.  Pijjijapan has some spots listed on AirBnB ranging from 9.00 a night to 30.00 for a couple..  Outside  the natural beauty and beaches to recommend it, the town itself is rather meagre; it  has about 17,000 people.

On September 7, 2017 an 8.4 magnitude earthquake  occured approximately 50 miles SSW off its coast.  It was the biggest Mexican quake in over 100 years and there were forty casulties according to President Enrique Peña Nieto.

I imagine Google brought it to my attention because of the Sanriku [Japan] earthquake that I previously mentioned

There is an  interesting comparison to the Pijji and Sanriku earth questions, & that is that the Sanriku chart has a lot more Septiles.  The septile aspect is found by dividing the 360 degree circle by 7 giving the result of  51 degrees 25 minutes 43 seconds or 51.42857142857143.

The Card Lust from the Thoth Tarot.  She is upholding the the cup crowned with a heptagram of light.

Multiples of this division give other aspects:  the bi-septile = 102° 51’26”; the tri-septile = 154° 17’ 08”;  the quad-septile = 205° 42’ 51”; the quin-septile = 257°08’34”; and the sen-septile  308° 34’17”.  Together these seven points make up the heptagram, that Aleister Crowley called  the Star (or Seal) of Babalon as shown the card Lust.)  As no result of the 360 degree circle ever gives a whole number, so septiles are considered fatalistic aspects i.e a performing a never ending dutiful round of dharma.

Why does Sanriku have more Septiles?   It seems that the Japanese spot often has earthquakes,the major 1933 quake was not it’s first,  it had a mickle earthquake in 1896 that killed 30,000 people (after which everyone fled the place)  and then another in the 40’s.  Since these have all happened in relatively recent or recorded history, Sanriku has unpopulated place.

Pijji on the hand,  has more tourism and visitors because it has been a more geologically stable area, and hence far less septiles. Currently Neptune is in the Fourth House of American charts, and so we think there will be more quake activity in our north western hemisphere than in others.



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