The pictures btw are from 9-11-2001.  The featured image is of the Pentagon; the other two of the Twin Towers in NYC.

Libra 13 Degrees: Children blowing soap bubbles-ENCHANTMENT

Lesson set symbol- A children’s birthday party is in progress, upon a side porch a group of youngsters is blowing soap bubbles. I prefer the term cyclone because of its descriptive nomenclature although meteorologically cyclones originate in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean while the hurricane is a Northern Hemisphere phenomenon, the difference in nomenclature because of the physical spin of the winds.

The symbol sits in the eleventh house squaring Pluto in the second house suggesting that the individual versus the group right now is a major dynamic supported by the disruptive Uranus in the Sixth House of Work & Health and small animals.   While the Symbol gets some assistance from Venus in the Ninth via philosophy and long distance letters (perhaps encouraging friends) it does feel quite alone and abandoned, wondering what did I do wrong?

With Pluto afflicting the Symbol in the Second,  probably just showing up i.e. being in line of a hurricane or some person’s venomous ego was the reason as both have the same effect.  The imagery hearkens back to 9-11-2001 when people flew out of windows to escape the hellacious fire appearing in the sky as tiny bubbles of hope that God would hear their cries and save them from eternal flames, unprepared as they were to meet Him.

There is not much we can say to alleviate those pains except the realization that with the Symbol in the Eleventh of hopes and wishes and groups, that it is a good time to reach out to your fellow sufferer and bond, creating a little world of your own of tiny bubbles and of course pray.

Aloha —
Joel Anthony

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