Leo 15 degrees:   Joining the pageant

For many  in America, his past weekend with the advent of Labor Day, Summer draws to a close. As local holiday it was established  on September 5, 1882 in New York City, but it was instituted as a national holiday  after socialist Eugene V. Debs led a strike  against the Pullman Company during the World Exposition in Chicago.

However Labor day started, it now has more politics infused into its parade than any other parade in the country while the great American carnival Mardi Gras, exudes more merriment.

Today we find the Sabian Dice rolling into Leo 15 or the First House Cusp urging us to stand up and be counted joining Cabiria (Giulietta Masina our featured image)  in parade of hope against fear and realization that most of our  troubles are of our own karmic making.  With Saturn trine our Die in the Fifth House we find that our responsibility to our creative endeavours is  as much a part of our selfhood as any other and squaring Pallas in the Ninth, that it is only by allowing all facets of ourselves can we truly be whole.

Transmitting from Buffalo

Joel Anthony  

P.S. Please note as of today we are going to the Noon instead of Sunrise for our reference chart.  The reasoning is with the Sunrise point, we just get Guam into the day, but with Midheaven as the Ascendant we cover the whole world on each day.  This is often called a NoonMark chart after the earliest and simplest sundial known as it allows us to be independent of clocks.


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