Libra 11th degree:

“A professor peering over his glasses”


 “A professor, from his battered desk, looks out over his eyeglasses at a class awaiting his words.”  Today we experience interaction with talking heads not just occasionally at school or college, but almost continually.  They bombard us with information that may not be adequate or even true, and so we begin to wonder who is the specialist?  Who does know and how do we know that they know?  Or we know.  It becomes a samsara circle of endless doubts and questions until we tune off, and drop out.

But our symbol today, Libra 7 is right on the Second House Cusp, suggests another way.  That instead of  struggling between our identity and the resources upon which we rely, we owe ourselves and the world around us (the Dice are squared Pluto in the Fifth House telling us that we needto undergo a constructive reintegration) to value our own specialization and demonstrate our particular value even if it means we have to take the heat of difference.

With the Stars pushing us to rise up and be counted, the chart, a Locomotive Temperament Type, suggests we all need to study, read and then believe otherwise Instant Karma is going to get you.

libra 11.pngShine On.

Joel Anthony

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