Sabian dice today: September 2nd 2017

The Sabian symbol daily forecast for September 2, 2017 turned up Aquarius at the 7th degree. It has the symbol of  “A child born of an eggshell, ” and is shown on the chart attached for downloading as a Black Circle in the Fifth House near the Sixth House Cusp. It has two major aspects, the first to the Sun/Ascendant at 10-11 Virgo telling us that this is a personal message and the other to the Midheaven at the 9th House at Gemini 06 reminding of our ongoing spiritual journey.

Aquarius 7 is readily made for voyaging through our stream of consciousness & gain clarity into our daily life.  When  I first realized it had a resemblance to  yesterday, “A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy, ”  I instinctively knew that it was hearkening to a more speculative idea.

Our task is to make it work for us. We are still in the realm of ideas even more so than we were yesterday and yet like today, when these symbols were visualized, and then transcribed, physics was all the rage: Albert Einstein was a celebrity and his Theory of Relativity while barely understood was a conversation piece..  When asked about the quantum field Einstein  said it was “spooky action at a distance.”

And so too, the child born of the Orphic egg heralds  both our microcosmic and macrocosmic evolutionary journey and it too is spooky at a distance, but becomes crystallized in our consciousness  when the first step is taken.

Science fiction movies conjecture about our individual and collective journey and in the classic film Star Wars,  Princess Leia becomes a symbolic Great Mother, healing the wounds between her people and her mission, her brother and their father, her lover and herself.  Especially today, express your loyalty to the first step of your rejuvenative journey.

“May the force be with you.”

Joel Anthony

0902 Dice.pdf

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