C729 Scott Pruitt at the EPA


scott and wife
Scott and wife.

              Who is Scott Pruitt?

Edward Scott Pruitt is currently the fourteenth Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald Trump. He was confirmed by the United States Senate to that position on February 17, 2017.

He was born in Danville, Kentucky on May 9, 1968. Little is known about his parents or personal life. He was attorney general for the state of Oklahoma previously.

Mr. Pruitt is on the record during his Senatorial confirmation as saying he thinks the debate on Global Warming is far from settled and that the effect of man’s effect on the environment is “not” a causation. NASA and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, both US Governmental agencies, strongly disagree, as do all of the US environment and wildlife non-government businesses. Here is a list from the non-profit Mother Jones magazine that do not agree with his position as well posts from our site on Global Warming and another on Global Cooling.

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                         DELVING INTO THE PRUITT CHART

Mr. Pruitt is a Bucket with a Neptune Handle, just like Glen Campbell. Why a bucket and not a bowl? Well for a bowl Neptune must be opposite another planet and create a rim opposition. Why isn’t Saturn the handle? Because Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven and really part of the Bowl — i.e. the aspect makes Saturn a part of the larger formation.

Unlike Mr. Campbell, Pruitt’s Neptune is in the Fourth House of environment, home and end of life. He definitely has a sense of duty towards protecting the environment, but since Neptune is on the Western side of the chart he does not feel that it is something to be protected but something that should be wisely used.

His Ascendant at 10.05 Leo conjunct his Jupiter suggests that he is lucky man, with things working out in his favour and that his health is generally good.

His Line of Vitality, the Sun’s aspect to the Moon, is in trine suggesting he tends to take the easy way out in life, and we at Sabian Earth suspect despite what his opponents are saying, he will not be the great disrupter they fear.

mckenna and cade pruitt.jpg
Daughter McKenna, family friend & Son Cade

Jupiter in aspect to Saturn is the Line of Motivation is also in trine, again pointing to a man who does not like the make his name on outre statements but by being middle of the road.

The Line of Efficiency, Venus to Mars, has no aspect. No surprise there.

Finally, the Line of Social Significance is from Uranus to Neptune and that is sextile, suggesting that Mr. Pruitt is a consensual administrator and not a rough and ready leader for the EPA.

Overall, the Right will be unhappy as he will not be “cleaning the swamp” and the Left will be unhappy that he is not pushing forward their agenda.

scott confirmed 

scott pruitt natal chart

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