Today’s’ chart is at sunrise in Providence, Rhode Island.

A day can be viewed as a spiral. We awake, move, interact, regroup, be still in each day. How to understand it can be a dizzying roller-coaster ride. My purpose is to share a symbol for that 24-hour journey to gives clues to accomplish a personal rhythm consistent with who you are and who you are becoming. The symbols themselves will unfold and can be viewed as a lens to your day. They also connect over longer periods of time to form a greater appreciation for life.

Scorpio 23º has the symbol of a bunny metamorphosed into a fairy implying that there is fertile ground for transition like the  bunny’s change to a fairy.  It is more specific to ideas than people or  normal activities and our task is to communicate those ideals in our lives overriding the superficial tendencies always present.

Our mental acuity for connecting the dots is stimulated by our innate initiative able to generate a self-response to our deep-seated convictions. Our bunny represents a more material function. The fairy connects to our less substantial contemplation. We have the creative spark to incorporate to share those ideals in our everyday lives. Simple responses will do.

From the chart above I see that it is sextile Vesta suggesting I need some time alone and opposite Pallas for planning a journey based on the bunny a spiritual not physical one.  Feedback, good or bad, is always welcome.

Enjoy the transition.  Joel Anthony

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