2017, August 19 Bannon exits — altRight

We are working on a transit writeup for Bannon’s leaving the White House. In the meantime read this article from the New York Post.

altright departure.pngBack in the saddle…again. Above is the grand square or grand cross for Bannon’s transiting (outer) chart overlayed against his natal chart, that we rectified here.

Grand Squares are frictional aspects. Circumstances are chaffing the native — he longs to burst out of the restraints and get moving, typically onto something else, but the square when lasting more than a day (a Moon square) forces him to reconsider the larger picture and constructively put together a plan.  Bannon’s  Grand Square starts with Neptune 13 Pisces in the first house, suggesting that he would rather ditch the whole affair and go onto other things — literally he has bigger fish to fry —  but its opposition to his natal  Pallas 03 Virgo reminds him of his promise to the Trump and his success.  That opposition makes a square to his Sun at 05 Sagittarius in the Tenth, and gives him the awareness that there are better ways to handle his unhappiness with his  White House Post — moving back to California and Breitbart.

which is the third side?

His Ninth House of long journeys, journalism and philosophy is filled with  a plethora of planets, with Neptune, this time natally at 25 Libra, opposite transiting Uranus at 28 Aries.  His Part of Fortune, considered what makes a person tick, is conjunct Neptune at 24 Libra and the symbol of a “third wing on the left side of a butterfly” is calling him to fulfill his destiny but Saturn, this time transiting, in the Eleventh bears on him and makes him sensefully aware that duty in the face of defeat is no defeat at all (Jupiter in the Fifth conjunct transiting Midheaven sextile Pluto in the 7th conjunct Transpluto transiting).


                            If you want to make the gods laugh, tell them you have a plan. —Euripides, Athenian playwright




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