Remember when you had to got o the Circus get the oddities of life?  Then there was television and now YouTube.  One doesn’t have to travel too far to see super large giants, and little tiny midgets.  This chart, mentioned in E.C. Chamber’s Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac struck my fancy.  Maybe it was because he threw it down as a challenge, maybe it was the connection with the Circus. Perhaps it was both.circus girl.png

I am using his information with the Koch layout.  I imagine he used Placidus, though he does not say.  He may have been an Equal House man.  Nevermind…

Jewelled Weed

Wisteria is beautiful, but it is unfortunately a weed.

Mr. Chambers that this is part of his collection of two thousand nativities.  He does not give the place, just the ascendant and date in London of course.  Looking at the chart has been interesting exercise.  the 13.09 Libra Ascendant from the Hyperion symbols, has a lovely image of a “jewelled weed.”  Perhaps that talent, did in the end bring her money and good livelihood, as according to Mr. McClung she needed a special “quality of care” in her handling.  Our first hint.


Next, I have noticed that dual signs predominate her chart like  Libra, Gemini  but none of the lower bodied ones, like Aquarius or Pisces.  Her talent must lay in the upper body.  Libra rules her balance.  She has no afflictions there, other than the fearful Moon, so her talent was not a pretty one.  The Bearded Lady is out she has nothing in Leo.

Looking at her chart, confirms that the problem is duality in the upper body.  Everything is stuck in Gemini.  Too many lungs?  Who would know?  That’s out.  But a surplus of fingers, a misshapen shoulder, wild arms, now we are unto something, but those oppositions suggest too many is wrong.

Jupiter the planet of excess is in opposition to the stronger Sun.  Saturn is confining things and it is exalted there, but afflicted also by that Sun that is totally unopposed, reminds me of heat stroke and too much gives you the opposite — dehydration.  Perhaps those arms, digits, and shoulders have gone missing?  That the excessive Jupiter has been cut short and confined?a.jpg

Those oppositions are in the third house, that Gemini naturally rules, found here with the traveler Sagittarius.  Uranus found there also, is supported by that kind Libra — she needs help.  Perhaps she needs help to dress?  To wash?  To eat?  Could that be why the Midheaven is in Cancer — one must be kind to her as she cannot take care of herself, much less defend her person.

Let’s step back a second.  The midheaven is 16.33 Cancer, the Hyperion symbol suggests “Cooking pots” but it is afflicted by Saturn, so there aren’t any or she cannot get to them.  I am not sure which, but I have decided, she was born with no hands.  So I turn back to where Chambers, gives the answer…..I was close but no cigar.  Our girl was born with no arms.

Download circus-girl‘s chart here.






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