Both Sabian Earth nor Celestiology are self-sustaining sites.

Our team

Mo is a Mundane Astrologer. This recent picture is from an alternative health expo, as he is a nationally certified Acupuncturist, now retired to Cape Cod where he is working Ruth Gerry’s prodigious oeuvre. He hopes to release them in MP3 and pamphlet form. A lifelong Sabian astrologer, Mo joined the Assembly in 1967 under the aegis of Ruth Gerry, but left shortly before Marc Jones’s death, going west to Berkeley. Mo returned in 2000, resuming his studies and friendships. He specializes in the metaphysical underpinnings of the Marc Jones’s astrology.

Suki in a recent shot, was originally a database software engineer with Oracle, Corp., Redwood Shores, CA, but cashed out. While studying tarot, on the old Yahoogroups, a friend asked how the Sabian Symbols worked with the tarot, or if they could be related, like some have done with the I-Ching. That caught my interested, and restarted my astrological studies under the aegis of Marc Edmund Jones Assembly, and ,hence the name of this site. Suki is the sole owner & editor-in-chief of both Sabian Earth and its successor, Celestiology.

Most questions about astrological terms and concepts are in Nicholas DeVore’s Astrology Encyclopedia, which he refined from an earlier work, is still the best resource after all these years, and available online.

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