Israel ups the ante in its war on Gaza. Washington, in the meantime, calls for a halt to allow for hostage releases, Hard to blame the Israelis for ignoring US, when we supplied Hamas with the money and supplies to take them out. Frankly, I do not think we were right, but no one is taking my calls. Our chart was made for eighteen hundred hours on Monday in Gaza City. Our rise is 28

Welcome Scorpio The Sun entered Scorpio this afternoon at 12:20 pm. I chose the Capitol Building since that’s where legislature happens and it seems the Speak impasse is still on the front burner. The ascendant is 29 Sagittarius 33 and as shown on the chart below, we have a yod up in the tenth house, just missing the Sun by two degrees. Inconjuncts are aspects that highlight planets that do not, or will not talk

On October 14, 2023, an annular solar eclipse will be viewed in the continental US. Its best viewing spot is Albuquerque, New Mexico. How does an annular eclipse differ from a Total? Both annular and total eclipses are when the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun. The difference for an annular eclipse is that the Sun is at apogee (the farthest distance from our planet) or very close to it. As a result, the

On October 7th, Saturday, a 6.3 earthquake occurred in Afghanistan twenty-three miles north-west of Herat-City in the province of Zendah Jan. The Taliban, a dubious source of information, is reporting 2,000 while independent verification posts it 100 fatalities. Based on the chart, I would agree fatalities are small because of the low density in the area — a see-saw and not a locomotive or even a bundle — and the Arabian Parts are all filled

The 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, is being marked by another assault, this time by Shiite-Iran backed Hamas, on the Golan Heights. The 1973 attack was from allied Egyptian and Syrian forces launching a a coordinated attack on the Golan Heights, a hilly terrain overlooking neighboring Jordan. The region extends forty-four miles long by twenty-seven miles wide, and that at its widest point. The region three countries: borders Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan while

Pearl Mae Bailey was never formally trained in music. Instead, she got her training in her father’s, the Reverend Joseph James’s “Holy Roller” evangelical church in Newport News, Virginia. That said I could not find what vocal style she had, as I thought it a contralto, but no site agrees. Perhaps someone out there knows. Her parent’s divorced when she was still young, and then she and her mother moved to Philadelphia, At the height of

I had a problem yesterday posting this, so it comes today. I took a new tack and tried to see if there were Richmond’s around the continental US. There are by the way and so this week I have charts from Richmond Virginia, Kansas, Utah (that was the one that was hard to find, its up by the Idaho border) and California. McCarthy out for now With the ouster of the California Speaker, Kevin McCarthy,

Janus from Astrology House in Auckland, New Zealand released on Friday, September 29, end of the 3rd quarter, Janus 6. Hank Friedman sent out a newsletter to inform his clients and give his discount. At that same time he told us that the second of the three founders, Hamish Saunders, of Astrology House passed on August 11th.This chart is available on internet and I did not rectify it but the biwheel with his death date

Dune the mystical science fiction story from the pen of Frank Herbert . His son Brian and co-writer Kevin Anderson have since taken up the banner. Dune is the magical world of Arrakis,where the Atreides & Harkonnen families battle for supremacy guided by Bene Geserit witches, and the Fremen fight for their freedom is coming to theaters in November. This post was inspired by seeing the Villeneuve movie and reading the prequels; Dune is quite

This week we get the rise of 28 Scorpio. This is the degree for the king of the fairies bends affectionately over the sleeping figure of Puck from Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream [/mfn] and sprinkles him with pixie-dust. The shining sparks form a whirl of images which enter Puck’s dream. Martin Goldsmith in his “Revised Sabian Symbols” second edition, published by Red Wheel division of Weister Press in Maine [/mfn] interprets as meaning a time

Clarence Darrow is a well-known libertarian lawyer who defended highly unpopular cases. He is most famous for is the Scopes Monkey Trial. In this case, Darrow, at the behest of the then nascent American Civil Liberties (ACLU) and in collusion with the school’s superintendent, , approached a Tennessee high school teacher to claim he had lost his position because he taught his students a theory proposed, and still unproven, that man was descended from apes.

This week we go to Kiev as the War continues on. Europeans tend to use the Campanus house system so I am using it first. Below it is our standard Morinus. We have a Grand Trine in Water perhaps highlighting the emotional turmoil going on and creating a locomotive planetary pattern — suggesting the intensity and strong desire to remain independent from the thug in Moscow. The lord of the chart is 07 Capricorn 11,

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